We publish talents. You have invested many weeks, months or even years to develop your concept and to write down your message in a unique manuscript which will provide a real value to thousands of readers. Now the journey just begins. An attractive cover shall catch attention of book buyers and a good layout of the book itself should ensure reading pleasure. Last but not least, you need to take care of good spelling and correct punctuation avoiding bad reviews on book portals. Our staff are journalists, editors, writers, designers and marketing specialists will ensure that your book gets a real chance.

Your manuscript as printed book:

Taschenbuch Der Traumfrau Code More than 1.000 national and international Internet Shops will show your book and at the same time it will be available in traditional book stores.

Your manuscript as ebook:

EBook Der Traumfrau Code Before distribution to over 2,000 national and international Internet stores we will convert your manuscript into the most used ebook formats. Includes ISBN and conversion.

Still not convinced? – check out, what authors say about us: Click here. Some of our German books can be found at buchhandel.de.

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We will notify you within 48 hours, if it can be published as a book with us.

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