Liquid Gold – Ralph L. Warth 3. April 2014

Buchvorstellung_LiquidGoldInvesting successfully in Whisky

Scottish Single Malt whisky is a symbol for high taste, tradition, professional craft and a comprehensive history. But whisky is also an „Emotional Asset“ with positive risk-return characteristics, which reaches its best value in a wide-ranging investment portfolio. An investor can thus profit from the various advantages of Single Malt Scotch as the generation of Alpha (excess return), diversification, „Emotional return“ (i.e. higher social status) and the low correlation to other alternative investment categories already with a small share of the disposable income.
The book familiarizes the reader step by step with the knowledge and the assessment methodology, which are necessary for a successful investment in Scotch whisky and support the investor in his own decision process with over 18,000 Single Malt Scotch bottlings assessed according to clearly defined investment criteria. The assessment enables the comparison between prices of bottlings of different distilleries, bottlers and vintages, facilitates the identification of „under respective overrated” Emotional Assets and serves thus as reference points for successful investments.



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