Concise Dictionary of Hydrology – Beate Blumenkamp 26. November 2013

Buchvorstellung_ConciseDictionaryofHydrologyAfter long years of experience abroad and studies in sciences in Germany, Beate Blumenkamp (née Staniewski), Brazilian-born daughter of German parents, has gained comprehensive experience in water engineering. Later, she switched to the field of international water management education and training until, in 2006, she started her own business with GCC – Global Cultural Communication (water management consulting). Concurrently with various international activities, she has constantly collected and filed technical terminology in 6 languages. In 2011, she realized the WorldWideWaterWeb (, an international web portal for the entire water management sector.

The Concise Dictionary of Hydrology is intended to enhance the cooperation between the English and German-speaking hydrology markets. Both professional hydrologists and students will find substantiated support and the most important hydrology terminology.



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